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Property 151481

-located at the ground floor
-fully furnished unit
-with swimming pool amenities
-with basketball court
-wi fi area

Private Owner

More Information

PHP2,500 to PHP25,000
 Per Night

2 Bedroom Apartment (Sleeps 4) at Pasig (1) for Rent in Central Luzon (1), Philippines (6)

Situated 40 mins from Airport 25 mins to Makati & 10 Mins to Ortigas w/out traffic. Located next to Macro Supermarket in on Felix Ave, (Formerly Imelda Ave)Pasig.SM Mega Mall, Robinsons Galeria, Shangri La Edsa and Ever malls, The Medical City Hospital and schools are all within 10-30 mins w/out traffic.Sta. Lucia mall is less than 5 mins (without traffic) Only 15 m...
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Central Luzon

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