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Property 10542

-Full kitchen
-Located in a cultural Maya village
-Swimming pool in resort
-River frontage

Private Owner

More Information

BZD$1,962 to BZD$1,962
 Per Week

2 Bedroom Detached House (Sleeps 8) 10 Miles from Punta Gorda (2) for Rent in Toledo (Belize) (2), Belize (12)

Cuxlinn Ha Resort As the meaning of our name “Living Water” indicates, the resort and retirement village is a quiet place to kick back and relax or adventure out to one of our many eco-tours. Including trips to the off shore cayes or the barrier reef, visit Maya ruins, or explore awesome caves where the ancients lived, or Shop the unique farmers market in Punta G...

Property 10493


Bed & Breakfast

More Information

USD$40 to USD$50
 Per Night

1 Bedroom Bed and Breakfast (Sleeps 2) 12 Miles from Punta Gorda (2) for Rent in Toledo (Belize) (2), Belize (12)

A blend of traditional and creative ways of rustic living in the tropics combined with modern conveniences welcomes guests this “Naturalist’s Paradise.” Round, thatched cabanas are dotted throughout this “Garden of Eden,” far enough apart that there is privacy. The spacious cabanas, made of hardwood walls and traditional thatch, are elegantly furnished with ...
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