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Property 11445

-Boat with outboard motor
-Satellite TV
-Fjord & mountain views
-500m from Flåm railway
-Central to Fjord Norway

Private Owner

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NOK5,000 to NOK8,500
 Per Week

3 Bedroom Cottage on waters edge (Sleeps 6) at Flam (1) for Rent in Sogn og Fjordane (1), Norway (8)

Fretheim Fjordhytter are 4 high standard cottages beautifully situated on the edge of the Sognefjord (the longest and deepest in the world). The cottages are rented out on a weekly basis from Sat to Sat in the summer months. In each cottage on the ground floor you have a lounge/ kitchen area with a fantastic view of the fjord and surrounding mountains. There is also...
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Sogn og Fjordane

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