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Property 11175

-A Patio and Sun Lounge area provide the perfect setting for morning coffee and as the day dissolves into sunset, perfect for cocktails as the blood red sky bleeds into the ocean. The Philippines beach
-Hammocking can be a great way to relax and relieve stress although you should try not to hog the hammocks as there are sure to be others in your villa party waiting to chill to the swing of the Philip
-Surfing, the private Philippines beach villa is only a short distance from the famous Philippine National surfing beach at ABCD Calicoan, the Philippine National surfing championships are held every O
-A Volleyball court and Badminton court are available on site, as is a hammock, Boules area and BBQ pit. Philippines BBQs are usually lit using coconut fibres and shells and add the perfect flavour to
-Swimming and Bathing, The creek between Calicoan and Sulangan provides the perfect spot for swimming in the crystal clear, warm water, which will beckon you in on every occasion. The creek seperates t

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GBP60 to GBP100
 Per Night

5 Bedroom Villa (Sleeps 12) 15 Kilometers from Sulangan (1) for Rent in Eastern Visayas (1), Philippines (6)

The Private Philippines Beach Villa sits in its own palm grove, the beach villa is bounded at the front by a secluded beach. The residence is fully equipped with en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, a contemporary kitchen, large open plan lounge, dining room and two storey entry hall. The floors are tiled throughout with cool ceramics and marble. A TV and DVD player ...
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