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Property 13971

-parking area
-braai/bbq area
-tavern around the corner
-bed linen included
-breakfast included

Bed & Breakfast

More Information

ZAR180 to ZAR240
 Per Person per Night

2 Bedroom Bed and Breakfast (Sleeps 5) at Tsitsikamma (1) for Rent in Cacadu (12), Eastern Cape (20), South Africa (261)

Tsalanang is sotho for get together or where people meet. Come as a guest, listen to your heart, and leave as a friend… Get the feeling of true rural day to day township life in the Tsitsikamma. Stay over at Tsalanang Township B&B for a homestay experience. Geraldine Damons, owner of Tsalanang, boasts to give personal attention and supply all the extra serv...
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