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Property 150872

-A genuin fjordexperience
-A beautiful untouched fjordarea
-Just the Quietness of nature
-Seaeagles home
-Norways fruitgarden

Private Owner

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EUR€400 to EUR€950
 Per Week

3 Bedroom Villa (Sleeps 6) 4 Kilometers from Ulvik (2) for Rent in Hordaland (3), Norway (6)

We have four holidayhouses for 4 to 6 persons to let in Øydvinstod. The holiday destination of Øydvinstod is situated beside the idyllic Osafjord near the village of Ulvik in Hardanger. There you can find peace and quiet in an unspoiled paradise surrounded by mountains and with the fjord just an armlength away. In the fjord the porpoises are swimming and in the a...

Property 14323


Private Owner

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EUR€600 to EUR€900
 Per Week

3 Bedroom Apartment (Sleeps 6) at Ulvik (2) for Rent in Hordaland (3), Norway (6)

Sjohageløo -as this holiday home is called is situated in an orchard right on the banks of the Osafjord in Hardanger. You find this unspoiled spot on earth, by taking the old country road down towards the Inn in Øydvinstod. The house is peacefully situated among old boathouses from times gone by,just a few yards from the fjord. Sjohagløo has a unique at...
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